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"Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction when a person is exposed to an allergen. The most common allergens are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, certain insect stings and medications."

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Very user friendly website and straight forward ordering system. Parts arrived 2 days after ordering. Would definitely recommend this company.

Denise Swift

Feb 21, 2014

Thanks for the trainer pens, it will be helpful for all our staff to see how they work.

Cheers Janeane

Canberra College

Nov 26, 2013

I ordered the portable nebulizer late one Thursday night. It arrived on my door step 9am Monday morning. I thought, excellent customer service. I tried the product out and one word to describe this product? AMAZING! Thank you so very much. You have made my life so much easier and I feel much safer knowing I have access to a nebulizer 24/7. I have already recommended this product to others. A fantastic job. Thank you!

Kelly Woodbridge

May 28, 2013

Great products. Thanks.

We have used the Original Series holders for several years (our son's school now uses them also) and we have just received the new insulated medical bag and its great. Holds everything we need !

John Jarr
Melbourne Australia

John Jarr

Feb 4, 2013

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Epipen pouch. I love the compact and easy to carry design. I use the pouch in our Melbourne first aid classes to show students how easy it is to carry their Epipen.

Susan Gates
Onsite First Aid Trainer

Apr 25, 2012

As a Trainer for First Aid, having access to the right tools is important. Activeaide quickly provided the EpiPen trainers (original & new style) we ordered/ The supplies arrived in excellent condition and also had information on their use. A good company to deal with, I will recommend them.

Barry McFarlane
Clean Bill of Health

Mar 16, 2012

I wanted to let you know that I received my order in the mail today. I must say that I am very impressed with it. The idea of this carrier is fantastic, and really fills the need we have. I was really surprised at the quality of your product, as it seems to be very heavy duty as well as being very practical and useable. I really like the fact that it is insulated. We have been trying to carry our epipen in a pocket or school binder up to this point, which does not work well as they have a tendency to fall out when you are not looking.

I also want to commend your product support. In todays age and time, getting a quick response and someone willing to work with you is refreshing. Thank you very much for your kind help. I will definetly spread the word on your product and your service. You definetly get an A+ from us!

Thankyou very much
Arthur Crutchfield.

Arthur Crutchfield, USA

Oct 19, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for producing the Epipen pouch. We travelled around Australia last year with two anaphylactic children and we were easily able to take the Epipens with us without concern about heat or damage - all due to your great pouches. Now the school always has two on site, and I have the others in my handbag - and whats more the pouches still look as good today as they did the day they arrived in the post three years ago. Thank you once again

Susie Escott, Australia

Apr 28, 2009

Fantastic product! Love the bright yellow for my son's classroom and I have the double pouch to carry his epipens out and about. I used to carry the epipen in a flask so this is much better and not half as bulky! Thank you so much!

Dee, Australia

Jan 13, 2009

FANTASTIC...I have just received my double epipen holder and belt. For five years now I have lugged around my son's epipen in a bulky insulated I have this handy, trendy and professional looking holder which can go around the waist or be neatly put in my handbag - and it can also carry one epipen, zyrtec drops and a ventolin...I LOVE IT! Thank you!!!

Kellie Burns, Australia

Dec 9, 2008

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